About Dominic Fallows

Hi, I'm Dominic, an experienced technical leader and senior software engineer for cross-platform web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps. I’m a life-long enthusiast of technology, software engineering and business - which gives me a cross-cutting perspective on how to approach projects.

Dominic Fallows

I have been working in technology and business for over 18 years and have a proven track record in using latest technologies to develop and deliver cross-platform web, mobile, desktop and cloud solutions.

I create tools and experiences for people

I enjoy creating tools and experiences that make life easier for people, by focusing on delivering value to the user and using creative problem solving. I architect, develop and lead the creation of well-designed, efficient code using best software development practices.

I help build happy and productive teams

I love being part of great teams. Building teams is a joint effort but I do my part to help focus businesses so that we can build, manage and motivate cross-skilled teams. I've done this as both a consultant and in-house. I'm an advocate for building happy and productive teams, with a healthy work-life balance, by keeping things simple and taking an agile approach to life and projects.

What I do

Technical Architect and Technical Lead for cross-platform web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps, products and teams

Aa a Technical Architect and Technical Lead for cross-platform web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps, products and teams, my role spans responsibilities across team leadership and management, technical architecture, software engineering manager and technical vision and strategy.

Ultimately I am responsible for leading software and technical teams, the technical delivery of software products and overall quality of technical deliverables.

I believe it is important for a Technical Architect and Technical Lead to also be a senior software engineer, so I make sure that I dedicate part of my time to being ‘hands-on' to work with developers and write code for products.

Skills and experience:

  • Technical Strategy and Architecture
  • Technical Leadership and Management
  • Enterprise corporate and customer facing solutions
  • Product and UX Strategy and Management
  • People Management, Coaching and Mentorship
  • Technical Documentation
  • Stakeholder and Vendor Management
  • Agile, Scrum
  • DevSecOps
  • Strong communication skills
  • Inspire and mentor technical and non-technical people
  • Be an advocate for people and products
  • Be a hand-on software engineering manager

Senior Software Engineer for web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps

As a Senior Software Engineer for web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps. I develop projects across the full-stack, the traditional "back-end" through to the "front-end". My role is to bring together great design, business logic and technology to achieve high-quality products for web, mobile, desktop or cloud. My drive is to create best-in-class products and great experiences, whether products be user-facing or machine-facing.

I have always had a passion for the latest technologies and digital products. I keep myself up-to-date with web, mobile and cloud trends and technologies. I love working in fast-paced environments building robust and scalable applications, built to industry standards and best practices.

I believe in, and have a passion for, great UX Strategy and UX/UI design, I work closely with UX teams to help provide my experience and technical knowledge during the UX/UI creation process.

Skills and experience:

  • TypeScript, JavaScript, JSX, Semantic HTML5, CSS preprocessing, CSS-in-JS
  • Cross-platform, web, mobile, desktop apps using libraries and frameworks like React, React Native, Electron
  • Micro-frontend/microapp architecture using frameworks like SystemJS, AWS CloudFront and S3
  • Static Progressive Web Apps using frameworks like GatsbyJS
  • Cross-platform API microservices, server and cloud apps in Node.js, Express, AWS Lambda
  • AWS Cloud and serverless technologies, build tools, CI/CD
  • JWT token-based authentication, using platforms like Auth0, AWS Cognito
  • Git, GitHub, Yarn, NPM
  • PHP CMSs like WordPress and Drupal
  • eCommerce like Magento
  • Also, Event streaming/messaging, Python, C/C++

Key businesses I've worked with

For over 18 years I've had the opportunity to lead, be a part of, and be hand-on on in technology and business for projects in retail, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, media & publishing, creative & digital, leisure & entertainment, property industry, FinTech and finance. I've worked with some great people in companies ranging in size, from start-ups, small-to-medium through to large enterprises.

Some of these are companies like: The Co-operative Group, O2 Telefonica, Bayer Group, McCains, Vileda, OBI Property, Orbit Developments, XLB Property, Allied London, NFU Mutual, CBRE but also many other SME companies and people.

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