3 Technology Brand Logo Updates for 2013

2013 Tech Brand Logos

Google, Bing (Microsoft) and Yahoo have all been giving themselves a face lift this year. It’s always quite exciting to see the work of these companies that have substantially more branding budget than most projects – but we should also expect disappointment – this time, for me, mainly form the Yahoo team.


Yahoo announced 30 days of change – trying out a new logo each day for 30 days before announcing their new one.

“We knew we wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo — whimsical, yet sophisticated. Modern and fresh, with a nod to our history. Having a human touch, personal. Proud,” Marissa Mayer (Yahoo President and CEO) said.

I’ve not got much to say about this one – its fair to say that they have kept hold of their brand essence (a nod to their history). However they have added 3D effects and shadows – which in my opinion is not going the way of “Modern and fresh” – the modern trend being to flatten to 2D and simplify.

This is my least favourite of the three.

Yahoo 2013 Logo Update


My second favourite comes from the world’s most visited web address Google. The have revamped their logo going with the recent trend of flattening to 2D and there seems to be some very subtle reshaping of the letters. It is also fair to say that they are reworking not only the logo but also the placement and use of the entire navigation bar across Google products, minimising clutter and simplifying the user journey. All in all I like.

Google 2013 Logo Update


My favourite of these three comes from Microsoft’s Bing. Again they have followed the trend by flattening the logo. They have used a single colour – which for me works well. They have reworked their corporate font (Segoe) and kept the Bing brand logo heritage by retaining the lowercase “b”. The logo looks more in line with Microsoft’s portfolio of logos by bringing in a product icon to join the wording.

The new design will work well over their range of products and channels where Bing has a presence, for example Windows 8+, Xbox, Windows Phone etc.

Thumbs up from me!

Bing 2013 Logo Update

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