Entrepreneur, business person, employee: paths to success

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Today I was reading a blog post from the MD of UKFast Lawrence Jones. Lawrence Jones was discussing his thoughts of the definition and difference of the terms ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘business person’ . He references Sir Richard Branson and Lord Alan Sugar as examples of the difference between an entrepreneur and a business person. Lawrence has selected a perfect set of examples and I would include Lawrence himself when I say that these examples are all of great personal inspiration to me.

I’ve always had my own definitions of an ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘business person’ and have evolved them during my career and experiences but have always felt that there was a commonly missed strand in the comparison – the ‘employees’.

I have always believed that whatever path to success you take using whichever specific set of skills you have – all paths are equal. Entrepreneurial, business or employee career paths can be as tough but as exhilarating, fulfilling and satisfying as each other – all can lead you to success and happiness.

So here are my personal definitions of all three:

  • Entrepreneur
    A person who lives and dreams of solutions to problems and requirements that exist or ones we don’t even realise yet. They have ideas streaming from their heads and hearts. They know that everything is possible and can formulate the path to the solution. They want to make a positive difference to people’s lives and to the world. They are a great inspiration to teams. They form the perfect collaborations of talent. They know that there is no “i” in team. They don’t let anything dampen their ambitions. They strive for success for the everyone involved. They know that failure is just life’s way of making you stronger, something to learn from and giving you a head start for future success.
  • Business Person
    A person who is driven by reaching their targets. They are inspirational leaders of people. They know that there is no “i” in team, but a team needs a leader. They know how and love to strategise and plan the best route to success, both for the team and for the business. They know when to say no, but that everything is possible – you just need to formulate a better way. They love working with entrepreneurial people and employees alike to build a business.
  • Employee
    A person who is happy with and gets fulfilment through expressing success through their skill-set. They are focused on what they do best and love working as part of a wider team. They strive to improve their skills and develop their careers using the talent that comes to them naturally.

My final point here is this: you can be – and probably should be – a combination of all of these at points throughout your career and self-development. In my opinion you need to experience, understand and respect all the types of people who come together to form a team.

Whatever path is yours, live it, dream it, enjoy it!