I'm currently Technical Lead for web, mobile and content apps and teams at interactive investor, a low cost, award winning, online investment platform.

I also build open-source tools and contribute back to the OSS community, some of my projects are below:

Open-Source Software (OSS) Projects

@dominicfallows GitHub Repo: gatsby-plugin-json-outputgatsby-plugin-json-output

`gatsby-plugin-json-output` is a Gatsby plugin that generates JSON versions and feeds of your Gatsby content. Fetch JSON content from Gatsby with API-like static feeds that automatically update with your builds.

@dominicfallows GitHub Repo: manage-linked-packagesmanage-linked-packages

List and reset NPM and Yarn global linked packages, manually or programmatically in Yarn/NPM scripts.

@dominicfallows GitHub Repo: df-multichannel-appdf-multichannel-app

A monorepo for Dominic Fallows' multichannel app for web, mobile web and mobile native

@dominicfallows GitHub Repo: docker-node-react-typescript-build-machinedocker-node-react-typescript-build-machine

Local Ubuntu development environment for parity across machines, for Node, React, React Native and TypeScript

@dominicfallows GitHub Repo: gatsbygatsby

⚛️📄🚀 Blazing fast static site generator for React
Fork with my contributions to the official repo

@dominicfallows GitHub Repo: digital-project-development-contract-agency-or-company-to-freelancerdigital-project-development-contract-agency-or-company-to-freelancer

Example contract for use by Creative, Digital and Marketing Agencies (or any company for that matter) to use when contracting a Freelance Web Developer on digital projects.